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Searching for a wedding videographer is much like browsing a dating profile. Just as you peruse through potential matches, checking through their photos to make sure they aren't lifting an oversized bottle of grey goose vodka in the air as if it's the FA Cup, you also review the portfolios of potential filmmakers and base your inquiry on the appearance of their films.

However, the true essence lies in getting to know the person behind the camera. Understanding who they are, their personality, and the way they work on the day is crucial. Your wedding videographer will be there for the majority of your wedding, so it's vital to choose someone you connect with on a personal level, not just based on the end product.

While some may desire a videographer who manufactures time consuming, elaborate scenes that defy reality, (I'm talking spending 2 hours setting up a single shot of you kissing under a see through umbrella whilst your photographer pours fake rain from a garden hose over you)

Others may prefer a more subtle, understated approach. Opting for a videographer who seamlessly integrates into the fabric of your day, capturing candid moments of laughter, tears, and joy amongst your loved ones in a natural and unobtrusive manner. 


On a wedding day, I am fully aware that it's really not about me. It's about you. It's also about your guests and their experience of the day. That's why I spend the majority of the day trying to blend into the crowd, capturing natural, authentic moments as they happen. With this being said, I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a total fly on the wall...


I've had the privilege at being at lots of weddings, so I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert. That means I'm always on hand to offer advice on things like, how you should hold your flowers, how to pace yourself when walking down the aisle and how to pin those pesky buttonniere's to a grooms suit without stabbing anyone in the chest...

When talking about my style as a videographer, I think it's important to cover two different aspects.

What's my approach to a wedding day and what's the style of film that I produce from it...

If I had to summarise I'd say that I'd prefer to have a low impact on your day but then a big impact afterwards.

Let me explain...

For the majority of a wedding, I like to just let the day unfold organically in front of my eyes and I'll go around working my magic, capturing all those precious, fleeting moments as they happen.

When it comes to portraits however, I'll then turn into your guide, leading you into some glorious natural light where the sun will be absolutely popping, making you and your partner look "Insert fire emoji here".

Most of the time I get my best results from couples just being themselves. To me that's what a couple shoot is, it's a short break where you and your new husband/ wife can enjoy some quality time in each others company, going for a walk, chatting about the day so far and just being yourselves. 


In terms of wedding films, I'm a firm believer that there's no one size fits all approach.

Every wedding is different, so every film should be edited in a unique way, that tells a true story, reflective of the day that happened. 

When crafting a film, my aim is to draw out all those emotions that you felt on the day and eternalise those feelings as something you can come back to time and time again.

I always encourage my couples to speak from the heart when they get the opportunity to. This may come in the form of personal vows, letters to each other to open in the wedding morning or a heartfelt speech.

These moments build the foundations of your love story and using a carefully chosen soundtrack along with cinematic compositions, my aim is to take you on a journey through your wedding day to truly feel all those moments again...


This is my absolute passion, The feeling of weaving these moments together into something that I know my couples will cherish forever is unmatched. I can't describe the levels of nervous excitement once I've pushed that "Send" button on your final gallery. This isn't just a job to me, this is a burning passion that I feel lucky enough to call my day job.


Rest assured that from the first email exchange until that final "Your final gallery is here" notification, I will have poured my heart into making sure you have something out of it that you will cherish forever and I'll remember forever...

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