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A little bit about me...


award winning


When I'm not making films or studying films (watching Netflix), I'm often out running, if my knees allow it, or doing some form of exercise. This isn't necessarily out of love but mainly to counteract the absurd amount of chocolate buttons I eat.

I can sing a Norwegian fishing song start to finish flawlessly and I very rarely get prompted to do so, would you believe. I've banked it for if we ever go exploring some fjords.


I live with my partner, she's a primary school teacher.

She thinks I sit at home drinking coffee all day... she's partly correct.

We've recently welcomed our first child into the world. She is absolutely perfect and I've already taken a million photos of her. She's also the reason that I now well up so much at weddings, (I'll try to keep my sniffling quiet during the father of the bride speech).


favourite food

Spaghetti bolognese, cacio e pepe.

Pasta... with heaps of parmesan

favourite places

San Francisco, Melbourne, Thailand & Home

what makes you cry?

what music do you listen to?

Alan Titchmarsh building gardens for old people.

Every god damn time.

I'm really enjoying Southern Soul music at the minute. My taste changes every few months or so it seems!

perfect sunday

Eggs for breakfast, late morning run, Sunday roast with the family, get in a pair of joggers and watch Netflix with Georgia

favourite film


Blood Diamond

The Departed


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